Last Minute Christmas Tips, Tricks and Treats!


The big day is almost here!  I am sure there is a never ending list of “to do’s” on all of your plates as well.  There is also all the people we want to take time to remember to show how much we appreciate them. In order to be able to stop and find time to enjoy the festivities I have put together some tips and tricks for planning ahead to help you have a stress free holiday.

With a little planning you can take tasks that are supposed to be fun and keep them that way. 🙂 Believe me I am not an organization queen by any means but I am always trying to squeeze in one more task so I know how to get things done, somehow. I want to share these ideas to help you to not be a scattered nut like I often am 🙂

Have a beautiful holiday and remember that the goal is not for a “perfect holiday” but for a perfect collection of imperfect beautiful memories.

Cookie Packaging for gifts –  First off Cookies and Christmas go together well, like Cookies and Christmas :).  If you are giving cookies locally as gifts here are a few lovely packing ideas to make them extra special and highlight all your hard work.

Tips for mailing Cookies – Nothing is worse than spending all the time making beautiful cookies only to have them arrive in a crumbled ruined mess.  Here are some tips to get them there safely.

Fabulous homemade food gifts – Here are some unique and tasty ways to brighten someone’s holiday beyond the usual cookie.

As a former teacher I can tell you how good it felt to receive an inexpensive and thoughtful gift from your students.  Here are a few sites to help.

Gift basket ideas for almost anyone on your list – This page had some cute themes that could work for a neighbor, co worker, relative or friend.

Are you having visitors for the holidays?  Here are a few tips to help make their visit extra special.

Planning to travel instead?  Enjoy the trip even more with these helpful ideas to keep the journey smooth. If you are taking the kids here is a list of travel games that may make it more fun for everyone.

Last but by no means least here are some delicious ideas for Christmas Breakfast.  I admit I swooned a little over a few. 🙂  Here is a super cute menu for the lovies in your life as well.


  1. Great post and wonderful ideas!!

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