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breakfast pizza with blueberries
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Blueberry Breakfast Pizza


How many of you remember the Domino’s breakfast pizza? I actually don’t either but when I saw the show Adam Eats the 80’s, I was inspired. I then decided to make my own spin on the blueberry version. It was at first something that made me go hmm. However, after […]

Carrot Coffee Cake
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Carrot Coffee Cake


Hello Friends. Easter is fast approaching. It seems holidays come so quickly. How many of you wait till the last minute? I personally can’t wait. I get too excited to plan. First I am hunting for recipes and then trimming. If you are anything like me, you have been plotting […]

easter chocolate
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Easter Chocolate


It’s about that time to start thinking about Easter if you celebrate. These Easter Chocolate Bars are going to make you a hit. We love to celebrate the element of rebirth and the Earth coming back to life after the long dreary Winter months. The lovies of course love the […]

doggie donuts
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Doggie Donuts


How many of you love dogs? Many of you probably have one (or more) at home. If you do, you need to make these Doggie Donuts. I got this wonderful recipe from Spoiled Hounds. I made this batch to celebrate our beloved Willow’s 4th Birthday. This is her first birthday […]