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cold oil french fries
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Cold Oil French Fries


French Fries are one of life’s little gifts to all of us. I have a lifetime of memories of them. As a child we rarely got outside food. However, whenever we went on a road trip and saw those Golden Arches my sisters and I would call out “French Fries” […]

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Japchae Noodles


It’s been stressful couple of weeks over here. When things go a little (or a lot) sideways, cooking always helps me to feel better. I decided to make one of my favorite Korean dishes, Japchae. If you have never had Japchae Noodles you will need to change that right away. […]

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Tomato Salad


This weekend was just what I needed to recharge the batteries.  I have not had “girl time” without little ones in far too long with my “besties”.  We finally got a date on the calendar that did not get conflicted with due to bad weather or any other unforeseen obstacle.  […]

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Cashew Chicken Meatballs


We have been some really busy Bees these days.  Taking on the community garden plot has been a lot of hard work.  However, it is finally starting to look  like progress is starting.  I am so happy that the lovies get so much pleasure out of just being out in […]