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easter chocolate
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Easter Chocolate


It’s about that time to start thinking about Easter if you celebrate. These Easter Chocolate Bars are going to make you a hit. We love to celebrate the element of rebirth and the Earth coming back to life after the long dreary Winter months. The lovies of course love the […]

coconut custard pie
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Coconut Custard Pie


How many of you are Coconut lovers? I am a HUGE fan of anything Coconut personally. I do believe though that even if you are not a coconut fan, this Coconut Custard Pie recipe might just change your mind. It is nicknamed Impossible Coconut Pie due to the bit of […]

Baked Goods, Desserts, Recipes

Mango Upside Down Cake


Wow! I have never had such a crazy time in the kitchen working on a blog recipe.  I set off the smoke alarm and had a very tiny fire (that was instantly put out) happen during the baking of this recipe.  It was admittedly “chef error.” :/ I will spare […]