Love Really is All Around


On Thanksgiving day my ever thoughtful in laws brought us over some oranges.  Well oranges is an understatement, it was a huge crate they had delivered from Florida.  We were touched but a bit overwhelmed.  We gave some away to our other holiday guests and still had a huge pile of them left over.

Over the next few days I blindly grabbed a dozen or more oranges to slice, juice or peel.  The lovies did their part in devouring as many as they could.  Little by little we began to make a dent in the pile.

That Sunday,  as I was tootling around the kitchen my sister called.  She had spent the weekend with us and was calling to let me know that she had made it to her bus and was waiting to depart.  While on the phone I randomly grabbed an orange from the pile and I was amazed at what I saw.  On one end of the peel there was a perfect heart shape!  What were the chances that of all the oranges to be begin with, all the ones we gave away and all the ones I barely glanced at, that I would take notice of this single one?  I told my sister who I knew would appreciate the sign.

I strongly believe the universe sends us signs just when we need them.  I took it to remind myself to not worry if the people I love can’t always be within my reach.  They may be far from me but I can always hold them close to my heart.  It was a very good reminder at just the right time.

Share your love with those who you hold most dear in any way you can.  If you can’t physically hug them, find a way to remind them how much they mean to you.  To quote one of my favorite movies (Love Actually) “Love really is all around”, we just need to take a minute to notice. 🙂


  1. What a wonderful story– thanks for sharing!

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