Food Blog Life Coming Soon…

by Mike February 5, 2013
Food Blog Life Coming Soon…

Hi, this is Mike, the taste tester, IT department and food photographer here at My Love For Cooking.  I’m here to tell you about a new project that Nicole and I are working on. It’s a new community website called Food Blog Life.

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Mission Healthy Lovies!

by Nicole January 21, 2013
Mission Healthy Lovies!

Since my first lovie was born I have been fairly obsessed with giving them the best nutritional start I can.  I really want them to grow up with a love for healthy and diverse food.  I know at times I can seem a little “over the top” to some parents. It seems a little funny […]

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Recipes to Boost Your Immune System!

by Nicole January 3, 2013
Recipes to boost your immune system!

I fear the immediate benefits may be lost on me as I hack away while typing this :).  However, for future reference and for all my healthy friends who I would  like to stay that way I have some great recipes and tips for you.  This is the season to try and take extra care […]

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Christmas Cookie Bake 2012

by Nicole December 26, 2012
Christmas Cookie Bake 2012

This year my dear friend Beth and I hit a big milestone, this was our 5th year doing our Christmas baking as a team.  It all started when I first moved from my lifelong home in New York to live with my now husband in CT.  She started out as my teaching partner and quickly […]

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Last Minute Christmas Tips, Tricks and Treats!

by Nicole December 20, 2012
Last minute Christmas tips, tricks and treats!

The big day is almost here!  I am sure there is a never ending list of “to do’s” on all of your plates as well.  There is also all the people we want to take time to remember to show how much we appreciate them. In order to be able to stop and find time […]

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Love Really is All Around

by Nicole November 30, 2012
Orange Heart

On Thanksgiving day my ever thoughtful in laws brought us over some oranges.  Well oranges is an understatement, it was a huge crate they had delivered from Florida.  We were touched but a bit overwhelmed.  We gave some away to our other holiday guests and still had a huge pile of them left over. Over […]

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