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arroz con gondules

Arroz Con Gandules


Today we look at how to make arroz con gandules or what some people call Puerto Rican rice. This may not be a “traditional” side dish for the holidays for many but in my partly Puerto Rican household it is a must! It is commonly served in Puerto Rican households […]

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Pineapple Fried Rice


This is a rice worth it’s weight in prep time. I adore this recipe and have used it a number of times. However, the couple of times I tried to set it up for a post it did not work out taking photos due to various complications (like a power […]

Simple Coconut Rice
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Simple Coconut Rice


I obviously enjoy coconut. I am always open to using it in as many ways as I can. When I first heard of using it in rice I was all for giving it a try. I have to say I have tried a few different takes on it with various […]