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breakfast pizza with blueberries
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Blueberry Breakfast Pizza


How many of you remember the Domino’s breakfast pizza? I actually don’t either but when I saw the show Adam Eats the 80’s, I was inspired. I then decided to make my own spin on the blueberry version. It was at first something that made me go hmm. However, after […]

Carrot Coffee Cake
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Carrot Coffee Cake


Hello Friends. Easter is fast approaching. It seems holidays come so quickly. How many of you wait till the last minute? I personally can’t wait. I get too excited to plan. First I am hunting for recipes and then trimming. If you are anything like me, you have been plotting […]


Convenience Foods Without the Guilt!


We live in a fast paced world where we all feel pressure to be so busy and to get things done.  There never seems to be enough time to for all the things we set out to get done.  I know that for me there is always a list of […]

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Lemon Curd and Chia Seed Oatmeal


As some of you may already know I recently got my hands on a bottle of Chia Seeds.  I have wanted to try them out for quite some time, especially for the lovies.  I searched high and low and even with my “google ninja” skills I did not find too […]

eggnog pancakes
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Eggnog Pancakes


Ahh the holiday season is finally in full swing. It is such a hectic but wonderful time. As my lovies grow and begin to really understand what it all means it becomes even more exciting. This is really one of my favorite times for cooking as well. Eggnog is one […]

mango waffles
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Mango Waffles


There are few things more perfect than a perfectly ripe Mango in the culinary world. I adore Mango and I am always looking to use them in new and exciting ways. I must say I am also content to just eat them all by themselves which is my favorite way. […]