Love is all around!


Ahh Amor! I got the title from one of my all time favorite movies “Love Actually”. I love any chance to do something gooey for those I love. I am definitely not afraid to be corny. I know I am a bit late with the post but there is always next year, or hey do it today. who says you need to follow the rules ;)?  I loved doing crafts when I taught Preschool and am so excited to have two lovies of my own to work with. I thought I would share the ideas I found or imagined here with you all to spread the love.

A good friend shared the idea in the main picture (shovels) with me that she found on Pinterest (Thanks Katie). I made them for my little ladies classmates.

These were the little “love notes” for the lovies to take to daycare.


The bunnies were for the little Mister and for little Miss the  squeezable veggie/fruit smoothie she loves (“smoomies” as she calls them).


A present for my wonderful hubby from me and the lovies.

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