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Hi all! This is shamefully late and I apologize.  Things here have been an absolute whirlwind.  Fortunately it has been a flurry of very good things.  As some of you know our little Blueberry girl started Kindergarten at the end of August.  Right before that happened I got the news I have been waiting a year for, I found a position as a Mental Health Clinician!  I feel so very blessed and grateful for this opportunity.  So this is why I have been a bit absent the past number of weeks, sorry *hugs*. Now on to backtrack a special weekend I wanted to share with you all.

On the weekend of our anniversary (Sept 15th)  my hubby and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary.  We set out for an overnight get away to NYC.  I had not been back to my “hometown” in quite some time sadly and was super excited to go.

We got a bit of a late start due to Blueberry Girl’s Soccer game but seeing her in action was just too adorable.  It was also my turn to bring the snack for the team so I brought them some of these little cuties.  They seemed to be a big hit. 🙂

We hopped on the train and set out for a great time after we dropped off the little lovies.  I love the train ride honestly mostly because it reminds me of all the rides back and forth visiting my hubby when we were dating.

With all the running around getting everything together I had not had more than a few bites of toast and some train bodega pretzels by the time we got to the hotel.  I was so starving it was hard to save myself for dinner but I was determined not to relent to something so so along the way so I could enjoy our special dinner.  It was not easy with so many tempting food trucks along the way.  My little NYC doesn’t play fair. 😉

We decided to go to Koreatown and check out a restaurant Mike saw on Yelp.  OH MY was that a good decision!!  We ended up at this little Korean buffet place where you could take what you want and pay by weight.  It was a very modest almost cafeteria looking place but bright and cozy.


Believe me I am a firm believer that the best places are often the tiny little hole in the wall places you would never expect.  To this day I still feel a pang of longing for the tacos from “The taco Man” my friend and I used to go to for lunch.  He worked in the Bronx in front of a hospital and for $2 you could get some of the best tacos ever with all the fresh amazing toppings you wanted.  Oops tangent alert, but if you had tasted them you would have gone on too. 😉

The food was anything but ordinary.  The selection was just incredible!  It was a wonderful chance to try things you may not normally feel comfortable trying in case you don’t like it.  I loved everything I tried including Black Rice/ Kimchi Sushi and the Spicy Pork.  I have to say that the Chicken Stew was my absolute favorite (I will be recreating ASAP).


After we ate and were heading to the comedy show I literally felt “Food Drunk.”  I had not had a drop to drink but seriously felt a little heady after such a wonderful meal. 🙂  If you find yourself near Koreatown please do yourself a favor and stop in for a meal.

We had some really great laughs at the comedy show.  Afterwards, we decided to stroll around the city.  I love people watching and there is no place like NYC to do just that.  It was so much fun just to enjoy the sites, the night air and each other’s  company. 🙂


The next morning we contemplated heading back to the Korean restaurant for a farewell meal but decided to fulfill my longing for “Real Triangle Pizza” of my native city. 🙂  It was a very good decision.  I had missed the perfection of the dough, the puffy wonderful crust and the slightly sweet sauce seasoned just right.  It was just the right way to conclude the “eating tour” portion of our journey before we headed home to the lovies.


It is so funny that there are so many things I miss about NYC but I have to say the diverse variety of food is definitely at the top of my list.  I love my new home but I admit there is nothing like what you can find in the city.  Luckily I am only a train ride away, best of both worlds. 🙂


  1. Wonderful anniversary date night you guys!! Okay, the Korean buffet choice was brilliant. What a great way to graze a new cuisine. On our last trip to NYC, Shelby and I had pizza for breakfast too. It’s the best. xoxo

  2. What a great post– I’m having plate envy 🙂

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