Food Photography

The Best Time to Take Food Photos

by Mike December 5, 2012
Sunrise on Fields

So you’ve got a great recipe and you’ve cooked your dish to perfection.  Now its time to take a picture for your food blog! Well, you’ve made this dish for dinner and its already dark outside.  Sure, that’s not a problem, you’ll just use a flash.  Hmmm, that doesn’t look like the pictures you see […]

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My First Rustic Wood Table

by Mike November 28, 2012
My Rustic Wood Table

As part of my constant quest to improve my food photography skills, I’m always looking at other people’s work to try and learn how to compose a good photo.  One thing that I’ve noticed is there sure are a lot of rustic wood tables out there.  Some are painted, some are not, some are weathered, […]

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