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cold oil french fries
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Cold Oil French Fries

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French Fries are one of life’s little gifts to all of us. I have a lifetime of memories of them. As a child we rarely got outside food. However, whenever we went on a road trip and saw those Golden Arches my sisters and I would call out “French Fries” […]

banana fries
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Banana Fries


Ahh Banana Fries, how they take me back to our Honeymoon in Jamaica.  It seems like so long ago now that we spent those first few married days basking carelessly in paradise.  Now five years and two lovies later it is a very different kind of magic in our everyday […]

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Spicy Avocado Fries


The idea of these just about made me do a happy dance. I adore avocado and this was a really cool new way try them. I also made a dipping sauce which was just sriracha and mayo to taste with a squeeze f fresh lime. It pairs really nicely. This […]